A Judo Podcast

This Judo podcast is a culmination of illuminating stories and narratives from some of the greatest minds in Judo.  Judocast guests range from World & Olympic Medalists,  sports performance coaches and a list of  Judo practitioners who have found high levels of success on and off the mat.  We will learn how judo has shaped the lives of so many successful people.    You will hear their unique perspective on how they hacked success and how you can learn from their experiences. We will explore how the humble art of Judo has helped drive these individuals far beyond the medals.   Judocast will be a platform to share the stories of some of the most influential Icons in Judo. Please subscribe to Judocast on your podcast app to get notified of all upcoming episodes.

About the Host

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Chuck Jefferson

My name is Chuck Jefferson, the host of Judocast. This is Judo Podcast that shares the best stories of our amazing sport. I have had a life long devotion to the Art of Judo. By luck, my family stumbled upon a small dojo in Barstow California in 1981. I spent 13 years dedicating my time and passion to judo with my long time Sensei, Ernie Smith. After multiple Junior National titles as a kid, I moved on to attend the famed San Jose State University, a Judo program under the likes of legendary Sensei Yosh Uchida, Mike Swain and many other amazing Judo coaches that shaped me as a Judoka.
During my competitive career I captured multiple U.S. National Championships and became a 2 time Pan American Champion. My love for Judo is still alive as my passion is now sharing the art of Judo. I have created a very successful business in San Jose, California teaching Judo to people of all ages. www.cjjudo.com Now I hope to use Judocast as a tool to share the stories of Judo with the world.