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Dec. 14, 2020

Abe Vs. Maruyama

Joshiro Maruyama and Hifumi Abe faced each other in a winner take all match that would determine the 2021 Olympian for the men's 66kg division. The Epic Battle took place in the main floor of the Kodokan in Tokyo Japan in …
Nov. 29, 2020

The Olympic Run 2021 - The race to Tokyo!

This Judo podcast is all about the Olympic run. Committing yourself to a lifetime of training that is capped off with a 4 year or an 8 year hyper focused Olympic run is an honorable endeavor and something you will never reg…
Nov. 17, 2020

Ed Cerna - 1980 Olympian - Founder & CEO Cerna Group

Ed Cerna is a former National Team member who represented his Native country of Mexico at the 1980 Olympic Games Moscow. Highlights of his competitive careers include medals at Pan American Championships, US Open and a si…
Nov. 11, 2020

Chuck Jefferson - Host of Judocast & Owner of CJ Judo in San Jose, CA

Our Judo Podcast this week is a monologue episode where I'll discuss some of the hot topics and current affairs in today’s judo world. Lets talk about long term success of Judo players, even after their competition days! …
Nov. 3, 2020

Jason Rivera - Entrepreneur - CEO of Phenix Salon Suites

A Judo Podcast with Jason Rivera who is the Chief Executive Officer of Phenix Salon Suites Franchising LLC and a former member of the USA Judo Board of Directors. He is a lifelong Judo player that has had entrepreneur…
Oct. 27, 2020

Toshihiko Yamada - Judo In Japan! Ryotokuji Judo Sensei & Sports Director for Tokyo Olympic Team Organizing Committee

Judo cast guest Toshihiko Yamada who is most recently been selected as the Sport Manager for the Judo program at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. His selection comes from a lifetime of Multifaceted experiences in the wor…
Oct. 20, 2020

Vlad Marinescu - IJF Chief Media & Marketing Officer

Vlad Marinescu is the Chief Media & Marketing officer for the International Judo Federation. As a graduate of Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad California and He went on to earn a finance degree from Oxford Brook University …
Oct. 8, 2020

Dr. David Martin - Chief Scientist, Director of Performance -Apeiron life Life

Our Next guest is Dr. David Martin who is the Chief Scientist & Director of Performance at Apeiron Life, a start-up in Menlo Park California that uses leading-edge human physiology and performance science to help execut…
Sept. 13, 2020

Nicolas Gill- Olympic Silver Medalist & CEO of Judo Canada

Our next guest is currently the CEO of Judo Canada. He has had a lifelong journey that has taken him to the highest levels of Judo in both competition and coaching. He earned his first Olympic medal at the age 20 at the …
Aug. 30, 2020

Neil Adams - (Part 2) World Judo Champion with Niki Adams 1996 Olympian

Learn more about coaching with Neil Adams at https://www.neiladamsjudo.info/ In part 2 we will start with Niki Adams (Jenkins). Former National Team Member for Canada. She was on the Olympic Team in 1996, a 7 Time Canadia…
Aug. 23, 2020

Neil Adams - (Part 1) World Judo Champion

Welcome to Judocast, World Judo Champion, the "Voice of Judo" Neil Adams. During his extensive competition career he captured an astonishing 8 European Championship Medals, 4 World Championship medals and 2 Olympic S…
Aug. 16, 2020

Marti Malloy (Part 2)- Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Silver Medalist

This is Part 2 of the Marti Malloy Interview. An in depth discussion on Ne-waza and the art of transition. She will answer some fan submitted questions about everything from keeping in shape during covid and her new ska…
Aug. 9, 2020

Marti Malloy (Part 1) - Olympic Bronze Medalist

Marti Malloy is an American Judoka and 2 Time Olympian (2012 & 2016). She brought home the bronze medal in the 2012 Games (London), she followed that with a World Championship Silver medal in 2013. She now lives in …

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Chuck Jefferson

My name is Chuck Jefferson, the host of Judocast. This is Judo Podcast that shares the best stories of our amazing sport. I have had a life long devotion to the Art of Judo. By luck, my family stumbled upon a small dojo in Barstow California in 1981. I spent 13 years dedicating my time and passion to judo with my long time Sensei, Ernie Smith. After multiple Junior National titles as a kid, I moved on to attend the famed San Jose State University, a Judo program under the likes of legendary Sensei Yosh Uchida, Mike Swain and many other amazing Judo coaches that shaped me as a Judoka.
During my competitive career I captured multiple U.S. National Championships and became a 2 time Pan American Champion. My love for Judo is still alive as my passion is now sharing the art of Judo. I have created a very successful business in San Jose, California teaching Judo to people of all ages. www.cjjudo.com Now I hope to use Judocast as a tool to share the stories of Judo with the world.