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My name is Chuck Jefferson, the host of Judocast. This is Judo Podcast that shares the best stories of our amazing sport. I have had a life long devotion to the Art of Judo. By luck, my family stumbled upon a small dojo in Barstow California in 1981. I spent 13 years dedicating my time and passion to judo with my long time Sensei, Ernie Smith. After multiple Junior National titles as a kid, I moved on to attend the famed San Jose State University, a Judo program under the likes of legendary Sensei Yosh Uchida, Mike Swain and many other amazing Judo coaches that shaped me as a Judoka.
During my competitive career I captured multiple U.S. National Championships and became a 2 time Pan American Champion. My love for Judo is still alive as my passion is now sharing the art of Judo. I have created a very successful business in San Jose, California teaching Judo to people of all ages. Now I hope to use Judocast as a tool to share the stories of Judo with the world.