Oct. 8, 2020

Dr. David Martin - Chief Scientist, Director of Performance -Apeiron life Life

Dr. David Martin - Chief Scientist, Director of Performance -Apeiron life Life

Our Next guest is  Dr. David Martin who is the  Chief Scientist &  Director of Performance at Apeiron Life, a start-up in Menlo Park California  that  uses leading-edge human physiology and performance science to help executives achieve improved performance while preventing  injury, and increasing  long-term health span.

His experiences working with high level Olympic and professional athletes from a range of different sports makes him one of the  most sought after experts in the field of sports science  and human performance.  

He spent 4 years in the  NBA  as the Director of Performance Research and Development for the Philadelphia 76ers.  

Prior to his time in Philadelphia,  he spent 20 years at the Australian Institute of Sport.   His body of work during at AIS was  extremely vast, working with all types sports & Olympic Level Athletes.  

As a Senior Sports Scientist at AIS  He led the initiative for the development of the Combat sports Center  which was developed to help the Olympic Combat sports prepare for the  2020 Games in Tokyo.   This later connected David and his group to Olympic Judo Champion and Japanese National Team Coach Kosei Inoue

I hope you all enjoy this  thought provoking conversation with one of the most interesting people in the world of Sports Science and Human Development.