Sept. 13, 2020

Nicolas Gill- Olympic Silver Medalist & CEO of Judo Canada

Nicolas Gill-  Olympic Silver Medalist & CEO of Judo Canada

Our next guest is currently the CEO of Judo Canada.   He has had a lifelong journey that has taken him to the highest levels of Judo in both competition and coaching.   He earned his first Olympic medal at the age 20 at the 1992 Barcelona Games and followed that with Olympic Silver in 2000.  During his illustrious career, he earned medals in nearly  every major event around the globe.     Highlights include 5 Pan American titles,  3 world Medals and 2 Olympic medals.

 His achievements rank him among the most accomplished  Judo players  in the western hemisphere.    He had one of the biggest honors an athlete could have when He was chosen to represent the Canadian Delegation as the Flag Bearer  during the opening ceremonies  of the 2004 Olympic games  Athens.    

Today he will share some of his wisdom from competing, coaching and parenting.   We will hear how an expanded family made him take a hard look at his time in Judo, this led him to his most recent position as CEO of Judo Canada.   He has fought for Olympic Medals and he has coached for Olympic Medals and now his Canadian Judo program is catching the attention of program directors and other coaches  all around  the world.   Please welcome the most prolific Judo player to ever come out of Canada,  4 time Olympian and  2000 Olympic Silver Medalist  Nicholas Gill!