July 6, 2020

Eitan Gelber - MA, ATC, CSCS, CMT, DNSP

Eitan Gelber - MA, ATC, CSCS, CMT, DNSP
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Eitan Gelber, an Israeli native,  he spent 15 years  at Stanford University where he became the director of the Athletic Training Department.    He has spoken nationally and internationally on a variety of sports medicine topics.   Eitan is now the Director of Assessment at a start up in Menlo Park called Aperion Life.   They offer a concierge health service where they assess, educate and plan for long term healthy living for variety of executive clientele.   Eitan has spent the last 20 years working with high level athletes of all kinds,  he has worked with USA Judo,  USA Wrestling  & the Israeli National Judo Team. 

In this episode we talk about everything from athlete development, coaching, human health and longevity.