Nov. 17, 2020

Ed Cerna - 1980 Olympian - Founder & CEO Cerna Group

Ed Cerna - 1980 Olympian - Founder & CEO Cerna Group
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Ed Cerna is  a former National Team member who represented his Native country of Mexico at the 1980 Olympic Games Moscow.   Highlights of his competitive careers include medals at Pan American Championships, US Open and a silver medal at the 1982 British Open where he faced  World Judo Champion Neil Adams in Final.   At the conclusion of of his competitive Judo Career  1984,  he traded his Judo Gi for a suit & tie   and his career took  upward trajectory  that led him to become one of highest grossing agents for Marcus Millichap,  which is  the #1 commercial real estate investment sales brokerage in North America  He has   executed over $900M in real estate transactions, equating to  almost 9000  multifamily units.

Today we explore one man's passion to constantly become better in life.   He is the founder  and CEO   the Cerna Group  which is  is a full service real estate investment firm, that represents owners and investors with the sale, acquisition and management of commercial real estate properties.