Oct. 20, 2020

Vlad Marinescu - IJF Chief Media & Marketing Officer

Vlad Marinescu - IJF Chief Media & Marketing Officer
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Vlad Marinescu is the  Chief Media & Marketing officer for the International Judo Federation.  As a graduate of Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad California and He went on to earn  a finance degree from  Oxford Brook University in England.  Vlad soon found himself in Budapest working under Marius Vizer who was then heading up the European Judo Union.   He followed Mr. Vizer once he was elected to the Presidency of the IJF.     During this time Vlad Played a vital role in  the modernization/creation of the World Judo Tour.    He has played part in the creation of many of the IJF digital assets we all enjoy including the Judobase website as well as the organization of more than 70,000 Judo videos.   He and his team have created some of the best marketing videos you have seen including the series  I am Judo,  Judo for world & Judo Values for Life. In today’s discussion,  Vlad will share his passion for Judo along with the importance of  relaying the message of Dr. Kano and presenting Judo to the world as an educational tool to  help create better people that will make a positive contribution to society.