Nov. 29, 2020

The Olympic Run 2021 - The race to Tokyo!

The Olympic Run 2021 - The race to Tokyo!

This Judo podcast is all about the Olympic run.  Committing yourself to a lifetime of training that is capped off with a 4 year or an 8 year hyper focused Olympic run is an honorable endeavor and something you will never regret.   Today we will discuss The Olympic points races around the world with some detailed reviews of the European  and Pan American Championships events.  Who has the best chance of getting a medal next summer in Tokyo and   what can we do to get more medals in the future?

  • Olympic Points Race
  • European Championships
  • Pan American Championships
  • The Super Fight - Joshiro Maruyama vs  Hifumi Abe
  • Canada's Race  for the  57kg Olympic Spot   Crista Deguchi   & Jessica Klimkait
  • Development of Judo in the United States

Click the Link below to read the  study about seeded athletes.   

Be seeded or not to be seeded? A Study with Olympic Judo athletes.