July 27, 2020

Justin Flores (Part 1) - 3x National Champion, 3x UFC Champion Coach, D1 Wrestler

Justin Flores (Part 1) - 3x National Champion, 3x UFC Champion Coach, D1 Wrestler
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A former Division 1 Wrestler that holds Black belt ranking in Both Judo and Jiu Jitsu.   He was a 3  Time United States National Judo Champion and a 3 Time UFC Championship Coach.   He traveled the world  for over 10 years representing Team  USA as an athlete... and now he shows his unwavering support  for  the sport of Judo  as a mat-side coach for the national team.    Learn about the difficult  balance of coaching & fatherhood and challenges of coaching your own kids.  Justin  spent his childhood under the tutelage of his   father who made him  take  a very  scientific approach to judo at an early age.   This Analytical study of judo  later helped him excel both as an athlete and a coach  as he utilizes Judo to help re-frame the  conventional wisdom in other  grappling arts.   He was a California State Wrestling champion and one of the most sought after high school athletes in the country.  Upon his graduation from Temecula Valley high school he was offered a   full ride wrestling Scholarships to  to  th University of Nebraska.... You will here the story of how he ended up circling back to his first love of Judo.  Please welcome former judo champion and current coach to many of the greatest combat athletes Judo,  Jiu Jitsu and MMA,  Justin Flores.