Aug. 16, 2020

Marti Malloy (Part 2)- Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Silver Medalist

Marti Malloy  (Part 2)-  Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Silver Medalist
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This is Part 2 of the Marti Malloy Interview.  An in depth discussion on Ne-waza and the art of transition.    She will answer some fan submitted questions about everything from keeping in shape during covid  and her new skateboard.  Marti tells the her story about the matside call at Olympics when her coach Jimmy Pedro called out the move just seconds before she applied the Ko Uchi Gari that secured her Olympic Bronze Medal.   She talks about World Judo Champion Aiko Sato from Japan who came to San Jose State University to a training partner before the 2013 World Championships.   There will talk of education and the importance of preparing our youth to be ready for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.   Marti discusses her love for teaching judo and how fulfilling it is to guide and motivate Kids around the country!